Life has taken a new and exciting turn over the last few months. Doug and I took the leap and went from our urban farm in Humboldt County to a real farm on 3 1/2 acres in the gold country of the California foothills. To say we are excited is an understatement. To say we have a TON of work ahead of us is putting it mildly. But to tend the land and grow our own food is a labor of love and one that I will take on gladly. There’s a huge disconnect between humans and where our food comes from. The more I read on what goes on in the hidden worlds of commercial farming and meat the less I want to eat anything that I didn’t grow or raise myself. This winter we’re installing the bones of the garden and digging out the holes for the bare root fruit trees that will arrive in January. This year garden, next year mending the fence and hopefully building the barn for some new goat friends. And then my dream of having my own horse will come to fruition. It’s all happening. I dislike the word ‘manifest’. I think people throw it around too much without meaning anything. A hollow word. But my friend said to me the other day that I manifested the shit out of my life . . . and well yeah I guess I did.unnamed