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I’ve decided to change how I feel about this blog. Initially I meant it to be a record of my travels. I had it in my mind how the bones of it were going to be. But those bones didn’t fit with the rest of me. Some travels were meant left to my own memory. While other times I’m so busy with life that I didn’t travel and then what? Would there just be radio silence?

So this is going to be me. I travel, I live, I’m learning to be the best person I can. Life has so many ups and downs plus sideways roads to travel. I make mistakes and sometimes I make good choices but I’m always learning so that’s what matters.

My newest endeavor is going back to school. I thought I’d go back to school for nursing. Nurses always have jobs right? But I was looking at it all wrong. You need to enjoy what you’re going to do the majority of the time not just do it for a paycheck. And then I got sober and discovered mountains. And then Trump got elected and I sit on the edge of my seat hoping that not all the wild places I love will be taken away from me. So after my first semester back at school and some soul searching I decided to change my major to forestry fostering on wild land soils and wildlife. I feel so good about this change. And as a bonus I live by one the college that has one of the best forestry programs into country.

So I’m moving forward. I don’t know how this is going to go but I know I’m going to try my hardest and enjoy the ride