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With the decision to put down roots of some kind I also made the decision to try and move forward with a little dream of mine that I wasn’t able to achieve while being a nomad.

I’ve always wanted a farm. Grow my own food. Have chickens for eggs. Make jams and preserves. I, small, idealistic corner of the world where I could watch things grow and listen to the wind tell stories. We didn’t end up in the wild but as Doug said this is a stepping stone and what we have is pretty great and I’ll take it for now. We got a house in town but it’s a town in a pretty rural part of northern California. That being said we still had a decent sized yard so we made plans and went to work making our little urban farm a reality. There’s still so much improvement that could be done and we’re so excited to do it all but one step at a time and we’ve made great progress.

A full garden is in and already producing delicious salad greens and kale. We have baby chicks and ducklings that are almost ready to move outside into their coop. I love watching them. I call them my little meeps.