The rain has started to fall again in the small Northern California town I call home. Tucked far away in the giant redwoods. It’s been a hard winter. The rain has barely let up. It’s made the ability to mountain bike almost non existent and there’s only so many rainy day hikes you can take before you just start wishing for sun. But I still try and maintain the ability to be grateful for all things. Our garden is flourishing, wild flowers are blooming. It’s the little things that bring the whole picture into a cohesive blend of green and red with pinks, purples, white. But for today I took myself out for breakfast to celebrate the end of my first semester back in college after almost 20 years. Life has shifted so much in the last 6 months. Most of me is elated but some of me is scared. There’s a great unknown out there that I’m not sure about anymore and I just have to trust that I’m making the right choices. Hopefully it will all make sense someday. Sometimes evolution is sticky and painful but it’s always with merit. This is a rare selfie. Whip cream and rainy days